Sweet Ending As Baby’s First Crawl To Her Dog

This video is a perfect example of how dogs become such an important part of our family.

I remember as a small child growing up with Heidi, our German Shepherd Collie.  She went everywhere with me and I included her in my everyday life.  I could not imagine not having Heidi by my side.  And when she left us in her old age it was heartbreaking.  Well watching the video below brought back some of those wonderful childhood memories.

A baby’s first crawl and the first steps are for every parent and exciting and proud moment.  We are fortunate enough that the father to this beautiful baby girl in the video below was able to catch this moment on video.  We see this little girl try so hard and with everything in her power to crawl for the first time to her friend.  I love how instinctive dogs can be at times.  We see the family dog just sit there patiently.  As if to say by his behavior, “you can make it, come one, one more crawl” to the little girl.

With each grunt and baby expression, the little girl gets closer and closer to her goal – her furry friend.

Even though the video is only 1 minute long it feels much longer as you find yourself cheering the little girl on with each crawl she makes.  But it is the ending that really makes this video so cute and precious to watch.  Like any story, there has to be a great ending.  And we get to see it.  As the baby girl approaches the dog, the dog turns, sticks out his neck, and very gently and softly gives the baby girl a kiss.  The hardest heart won’t help but melt like butter.

Well, I just felt I had to share this with all of you today.  I hope it put a smile on your face.  If you enjoyed the video don’t forget to Comment, Like and Share below.


Author: Bo Connlley

I've been very fortunate to have been raised with dogs and love and care for dogs, even to this day. That's why I love to share funny and inspirational stories about 'Man's Best Friend'.

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