Puppy Hiccups Then Gets Scared

I just had to share this video with you today.  It is so cute and although it has been around for a while, it sure brought a smile to my face. 

In the video, you will see Buck, an 8 week old Heeler puppy. 

And like so many puppies, Buck makes new discoveries each day.  As I watched the video, I couldn’t help but think that the owner must record many wonderful and new things that Buck does.  That might explain why he had his camera out, ready to record.

The video starts with Buck looking into the camera.  Nothing is going on.  Then all of a sudden a hiccup followed by another hiccup comes from the puppy’s mouth.  If that wasn’t cute enough, you see Buck looking confused as to where the hiccup came from.  He looks around just as another surprising hiccup comes. 

He even starts growling at his own stomach. 

Finally, Buck is just growling, barking, and hiccuping all in a musical melody that only a puppy can make.  Whenever you feel down or discouraged and need a ‘pick me up’, come back to this video.  I promise it will make your day. (You will probably just stare at Buck’s face as I did.)

Attribution:Source: Matthew Kennelly/YouTube

Author: Bo Connlley

I've been very fortunate to have been raised with dogs and love and care for dogs, even to this day. That's why I love to share funny and inspirational stories about 'Man's Best Friend'.

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