Mamma Dog Teaches Her Young How To Behave

This is a video that all of us can learn from.  

You might have already seen this video.  But if you have not, I wanted to show it to you.  Although we are watching a video of a Mamma Dog and her Pups, we are really watching a video about love, discipline, and respect.  Do our culture and society seem to you that it is running crazy?  Do you often ask yourself (for those of us who are older), “what is going on with this new generation”?  We ask that because we see more and more disrespect and lack of personal discipline in our young people.

In this video, we see 8-week old pups all excited for Mamma’s milk as she came into the play pin with them.  They were going crazy, as we have all seen before as if to have no self-control.  That is when the Mamma Dog scolded her young with growls and a firm bark.  The young ones immediately scattered.   You can see that the Mamma was not trying to harm or scare the pups.  Instead, it seems that she was barking out, “Show me some manners!”.  She waited until all the pups were sitting and quiet.

There is always one pup who tries to cheat.  But Mamma was not going to allow that.

There is a moment in the video when one pup tries to sneak up to his Mamma to feed.  As it was happening I was saying to myself, “this isn’t going to work for him”.  And sure enough, Mamma was right on him with a firm bark as if to tell him to go lie down.  See at 8 weeks old, the pups are now old enough to be on their own.  Soon the pups would be given to new homes with new Mammas to care for them.  Puppies learn discipline if given the proper guidance.  A good lesson for us humans too.

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Mother Dog Teaches Her Puppies a Lesson in Patience

Mother dog educates her children and taught them a lesson about mannersCredit: ViralHog

Posted by The Epoch Times on Monday, May 20, 2019

Attribution:The Epoch Times

Author: Bo Connlley

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