Looking To Adopt? Here Are Some Things To Consider First.

When someone decides to bring a furry friend into the family it is a big deal.

There are so many things to consider.  It is not like you are binging a new picture to hang on the well.  This wonderful creation has a heartbeat, has needs and is going to be a part of your family dynamics for many years to come.  So if you promised your little girl a new puppy for her birthday or you are looking for a new friend to combat loneliness, there are things to consider first before making that big plunge.

Know your own Strengths and Weaknesses.

This might be the most important factor and that is why I listed it first.  You have to really understand what kind of lifestyle you live and how adding a dog into your lifestyle will change that.  Because it will.  If you are one who is rarely home because of your work, what kind of life will that be for your dog?  Or if you are one who has to have everything perfect, clean, and in its place in your home……is adding a dog into that mix the right thing for both of you?  Each dog has it’s own personality and needs.  So really consider how your life will change when you bring home that new friend.

Which breed is right for you?

I personally like to have a mutt for a dog.  Sometimes breeds can be too predictable and consistent.  But if you are the type of person who doesn’t handle change so well, then finding the right breed for your personality is very important.  There is a lot of literature out there talking about breeds.  But maybe the best way to find out what might work for you is just to go to a dog park and interact with others.  You will QUICKLY find out everything about every breed.

Local shelters are the best place to start to find that right dog.

I know there is a great debate about going to shelters or dog breeders to find a dog.  But the reality of it all is that shelters can provide you with a really great experience in meeting such unique and different dogs.  The experience can be very rewarding.  Rewarding not for you or the dog, but for the community.

Most dog adoptions will still cost money.

Just know that every adoption requires some kind of paperwork and fees.  The paperwork is often for local municipal requirements.  And the fees will help keep the shelter running.

Finally, trust your gut.

You will know when the right one is the one.  One thing I have experienced over and over again in my life is when you interact with a dog to adopt, you will just know when it is right.  Maybe it is a case of you adapting to the dog or the dog adapting to you.  Either one, just settle and be happy to have found a new friend for years to come.

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Author: Bo Connlley

I've been very fortunate to have been raised with dogs and love and care for dogs, even to this day. That's why I love to share funny and inspirational stories about 'Man's Best Friend'.

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