Helpful Tips To Keep Your Furry Friends Safe

A former police officer talks about how to keep your dogs safe.  Treat them like a toddler.

There are many cases when a dog is stolen that the person taking ht dog thinks they are doing the right thing.  Dog owners who leave their dogs tied up in public places invite others to come and take the dog.  Leaving a dog tied up alone is the number one cause of dog theft.  But reports have shown that people who take dogs often think the dog is abandoned and they are trying to help the dog.  A dog can look like it has been abandoned if that dog had been playing in the mud just earlier to being noticed alone.  So here are some things you can do to keep your dog safe.

The main key these days to keeping your dog safe and from being stolen is microchipping.  It is like having a Social Security Number for your dog (without the benefits of course).  Another way to keep your dog safe is to keep a record of your dog’s prints.  This would be an excellent way to prove that a missing dog that was found is yours.  There are GPS tracking collars available on the market today that people are using for safety. But the obvious flaw in just relying on tracking collars is that person taking the dog can simply take the collar off.

The former police officer also suggests not relying on the popular ‘invisible fence’ system that is supposed to shock a dog when they pass a barrier.  In his experience, many dogs just don’t care about getting jolted if they see something more interesting on the other side.

Here is what do do if you think your dog has been stolen.

Don’t wait too long to call the police to report your missing dog.  Also, immediately notify your neighbors and business around your neighborhood.  You will find that most people are more than happy to keep an eye out for a missing dog.  When you put up posters around your neighborhood, be sure to not write the word ‘stolen’.  Instead, write ‘missing’.  It will help keep unnecessary fear away from your neighbors.  Finally, with the flyer, write it in a way that makes it sound like whoever finds your dog is a hero.  Children especially love this.

I would love to hear other suggestions on keeping your dog safe. So please feel free to comment below.

Attribution:Heather Marcoux

Author: Bo Connlley

I've been very fortunate to have been raised with dogs and love and care for dogs, even to this day. That's why I love to share funny and inspirational stories about 'Man's Best Friend'.

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