Dog Hugs Police Officer After Rescue

You never know how a dog will react when it feels trapped or in danger. That is what makes this video so special.

I remember several years ago driving home at night after having a birthday dinner with my father and sadly in front of me a large dog was hit by a truck. My brother and I quickly went to the dog to help him and take him immediately to a vet hospital nearby. The dog was so scared and in such pain that he bit my brother and I several times. I can still see the scares as I type this. Fortunately, the dog survived and fully recovered.

So when I started watching this video today of a police officer helping a dog that was trapped my heart began to sink. In the video you can see a dog strangely wrapped up in some kind of fabric, maybe part of an awning. The dog is scared and moving quickly to try to get out of the trap. Then the officer approaches the dog and tries to release the dog from his bindings.

The dog was not going to let the officer near him.

All I could think was that the officer was going to get bit. But then the officer took out a knife and quickly cut away the fabric, freeing the dog. Then, in an unexpected turn, the dog jumps up to the officer and gives him a hug. I’ll tell you, that made my day.

Watch the video below and tell me what you think.


Attribution:Video Precede

Author: Bo Connlley

I've been very fortunate to have been raised with dogs and love and care for dogs, even to this day. That's why I love to share funny and inspirational stories about 'Man's Best Friend'.

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