Batchelor Party In The Woods Rescue 7 Abandoned Dogs

This video of men at a bachelor party rescuing abandoned dogs will warm your heart.

In an era where we love going to movies and seeing superheroes, here is a story of some heroes just out for a bachelor party.  It all started as the Mitchel, the groom, and four groomsmen were at a cabin in the woods of Tennessee.  While cooking up some bacon, they noticed a female dog just sitting outside the door, not wanting to come in.  They said she was very quiet.  One of the men gave her some bacon and she gobbled it up very quickly.  The men could see she was hungry and dehydrated.  So they started to feed her more and give her lots of water. 

They also notice that every now and then she would quickly leave and run over to a spot in the woods barking and running if anything came near a specific spot.  So the men went out to investigate.  What they found was amazing.  They came up to a dug cave that had three holes in the cave.  One of the men got down and crawled into the hole and found seven little puppies. 

The mother had no identification and there were no people living around the area.  So the men knew she and her pups needed some rescuing.  So the men gathered up the puppies, took them to the cabin, and cleaned them up.  They later went to a Vet and had all of the dogs checked out.  

When Mitchel and his friends arrived home, they found forever homes for each of the dogs. 

What a true story of kindness and love from these men.  You can see the news report in the video below.

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PS: Someone commented on this story asking if dogs who are in the wild like that should have their coats shaved.  They were wondering if the pup’s had picked up any kind of parasite, like a tick.  Well, I wrote an informative article about that subject.  You can find that article HERE.



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I've been very fortunate to have been raised with dogs and love and care for dogs, even to this day. That's why I love to share funny and inspirational stories about 'Man's Best Friend'.

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