Are Rawhide Treats Good For Dogs?

The short answer is yes.  Rawhide treats are great for you dog.  I’ll explain below.

Rawhide dog treats, or most any treat, serve many functions. One of those functions is stimulating brain activity. Yet another is maintaining good dental hygiene.  The act of constantly gnawing on the treat keeps your dog’s attention.  This is helping your dog work and use their brain as the constantly are manipulating the best position to keep their chewing going.  Like I mentioned before, another great benefit of dogs chewing a rawhide treat is for increased dental hygiene.  Regular dog food, soft or hard, don’t rub and agitate the gums.  This can cause a build up of plaque. But the rough, edgy points with a rawhide treat can create the right amount of agitation to keep those gums clean.

What specifically are the benefits of rawhide dog treats?

Rawhide treats are all natural.  There are not synthetic or preservatives in a true treat.  Because of that, rawhide treats are low in fat and high in protein. Now rawhide treats come in all different shapes and sizes.  I will some times giggle when I walk down the isle in a pet store and see the newest design for the regular old rawhide.  I think manufactures make the design and shape more for the human interest than the dogs interest.  I have never seen any of my dogs ever reject a rawhide bone because of it’s shape.  The benefits from a rawhide treat are all universal regardless of it’s shape and size. 

Picking the right rawhide is important.  Since the marketplace is flooded with different brands, types and kinds of rawhides, start choosing the right one based on different gradient factors.  For me, the best way to choose the right rawhide treat is it’s color.  The darker the more natural and nutritious flavors are present. Also, a thicker rawhide is usually better for your dog because it will engage more dental agitation for the gums.  Also, the thicker the longer they last.  Which means the more busy your dog.

Author: Bo Connlley

I've been very fortunate to have been raised with dogs and love and care for dogs, even to this day. That's why I love to share funny and inspirational stories about 'Man's Best Friend'.

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